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Welcome to my online CV! I'm Ralph, a native english and french speaker. After working for 2 years as a Webmarketing executive in an analytics startup and 2 years as a SEM freelance, I'm currently working as a Quality Manager in e-commerce.

In my personal and professional life, I am constantly looking for efficiency. My motto is: "If it ain't broke, break it and make it better!". I don't believe there is only one way of doing things. To my mind, everything can be improved, and improvement leads to evolution.

What fascinates me are the evolutions that new technologies can achieve. Most recent radical life changes have been triggered by new technologies (Internet, smartphones, 3D printing, etc.) and things just keep getting faster. I embrace all useful innovation, and I always try to teach what I have learned to others.

You will often find me contributing to Kickstarter projects or watching TED videos, while doing my best to follow emerging technology trends. Indeed, I enjoy discovering hidden potential in businesses, projects and ideas, but I keep a pragmatic approach.



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Quality Manager

Visual Meta GmbHDec 2015 - Today

Optimizing Big Data for machine learning for process automation
SEO: maintenance of the platform in regards of SEO guidelines
UX: Analyzing KPIs and implementing solutions for overall UX improvement
Monitoring: the market and competitors

Webmarketing Executive

BIME AnalyticsOct 2013 - Sep 2015

SEO: Content creation/BtoB social media/Newsletters
SEA: Adwords/Landing pages with A-B testing/retargeting
Monitoring: E-reputation/SWOT analysis
Analysis : Business Intelligence Dashboards (Google Analytics, etc.)

Freelance SEM consultant

RW InformatiqueApril 2013 - August 2015

SEO: Website creation & basic on-page SEO training
SEA: Emailing (drip marketing), landing pages with call-to-actions
SMO: BtoC social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Internship with a Commerce Manager

SERM 68April-June 2012

Direct marketing via a mailing strategy, market research & prospection of international companies, managing and qualifying databases

Commercial assistant

Meyer Roland SARLJan 2010

Set up of a commercial and customer acquisition strategy



MSc degree in web project management

IAE de Montpellier2014 - 2015

Webmarketing studies.

MSc degree in IT Management

IAE de Montpellier2013 - 2014

Webmarketing studies.

BSc degree in Economics and Management

Université de Haute Alsace2012 - 2013

Strategic marketing studies.

Associate degree in Business and Administration Management 

IUT de Mulhouse2010 - 2012

Small and mid-sized Business studies.



Here you can see some of my skills and work done for university or simply as a hobby.

  • RW Informatique

    Freelance IT support project at home for individuals

  • Google's Strategy

    Analysis of Google's marketing strategy in the short and long term (2013).

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing report - SEO, SEA, SMO (2014).

  • Amazon's strategy

    Case study of Amazon's strategy with a focus on the Kindle. (2015)

  • Business Creation

    Project for a fictitious business creation - Bonn'heure (2012).

  • 30 secondes Commercial

    Advert for the Alinova project for a innovating food product.

  • CyberHacktivist

    CyberHacktivist Blog, a video project with IT tutorials and tech news.

  • Will it Blend?

    Case study of the viral marketing communication of Blendtec: Will it Blend? (2015)

  • Design project

    Design project for an event social network for senior citizens (99 pages)(2014).

  • Projet Alinova

    Alinova Project : commercialization of an innovating food product (143 pages)(2013).

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing case study (2012).

  • Cubifruit Website

    Promoting the Cubifruit product for the Alinova project (2013).

  • Internship report

    Territorial Marketing report done for the internship at the DUT

  • Bonn'heure Website

    Promotion for the Bonn'heure fictional enterprise (2012).

  • Viral Marketing

    Viral Marketing and Buzz Marketing case study (2013).

  • GC Photography

    Portfolio website for Gaelle Courty Photography.

  • Ralph Ward CV

    "Vcard" version website for my CV.

  • Partenaire YouTube

    YouTube Partner project with IT hacks & tutorials.

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